TT Capsule (TARDIS) Type 40, Mark 3

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Time and Space Travel at its finest

The TT Capsule, or TARDIS, type 40, Mark 3, is simply the best way to travel through time and space. The first thing you will notice is that it doesn't look like a space ship at all. This is because of the intergrated chameleon circuit, which automatically alters the ship's exterior to the least suspectible form for your destination just moments before you land. However, you can override this setting if you would like. Some other key features include:

  • It's bigger on the inside! - Dimensional dams are installed to allow the exterior and interior to exist in different dimensions. While we don't have exact measurements, the interior is definitely larger than any mansion on the planet Earth.
  • Flying is a thing of the past! -  The TARDIS utilitzes the latest in materialisation technology, which allows it to disappear from where it's landed and re-appear at your destination.  Of course, you can also manually fly it if you wish.
  • Instant language translation - When travelling to a location that uses a language that you are unfamilar with, the language will automatically be translated for and your companions via psychic link to the ship. Please note that this system will not work if the owner of the ship becomes incapactiated or if the language is one of the very select few unknown by the TARDIS.

When purchased, you will also receive an owner's manaul and key to the ship, which can be used to unlock the front doors and remotely summon the ship. If you would like to know more about the TT Capsule or if you want to schedule a test-flight, feel free to give us a call.

Warning: Materializing in an area occupied by another TT Capsule or raming into one, may cause a time ram, which could destroy both ships and their crew and open a black hole the size of the Earth country Belgium. TEST

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