Sonic Cane

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Do you want all the features of a sonic screwdriver, but with a more stylish look? Well then the sonic cane is what you've been looking for. Though it may not be as portable as a sonic screwdriver, you do get the added benefit of being able to poke things with a stick! Other features of the sonic cane include:

  • Unlock any door or lock, except those made of wood and deadlock seals
  • Detection of alarm systems, booby traps, life signs
  • Detection and detonation of land mines
  • Detection and disabling telepathic signals
  • Fusing a door shut
  • Cutting through metal and rope
  • Repairing wires
  • Melt plastic
  • Disabling security systems, including cameras
  • Scan for medical based issues
  • Reverse teleportation devices
  • Remotely control and summon a TT Capsule.
  • Corroding thin metal
  • Start a fire
  • Screw and unscrew screws like a normal screwdriver.

And so much more!