Sonic Screwdriver

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Sonic screwdrivers are the orignal and ultimate sonic devices. While their form may not be as small and inconspicuous as the sonic pen or sonic lipstick, they are still portable offer a much larger list of features. These features include:

  • Unlock any door or lock, except those made of wood and deadlock seals
  • Detection of alarm systems, booby traps, life signs
  • Detection and detonation of land mines
  • Detection and disabling telepathic signals
  • Fusing a door shut
  • Cutting through metal and rope
  • Repairing wires
  • Melt plastic
  • Disabling security systems, including cameras
  • Scan for medical based issues
  • Reverse teleportation devices
  • Remotely control and summon a TT Capsule.
  • Corroding thin metal
  • Start a fire
  • Screw and unscrew screws like a normal screwdriver.

And so much more!

All sonic screwdriver models have the same features and only the exterior is different.